Who We Are

The Cannery

We've been out there delighting you with quality products since 1982. And all that time we've been doing it the TESS way, keeping true to the pioneering spirit of our founder. It means that our quality today is as consistent as it has always been and that we will continue to serve you the finest products this earth has to offer. We use the finest ingredients to provide high-quality products where you can taste the difference! All our products are locally sourced meaning that they support our fisherman, provide employment to hundreds of staff and saving on foreign exchange! The next time you see the TESS brand, know that you are getting an amazing quality product but also supporting local products.


Oliver's Pride

In a reflection of our founder's dedication to quality, inside is some of the world s finest tuna enveloped in the healthiest option of extra virgin coconut oil. Oliver Fernando made a great effort to ensure all our fish is harvested using ethical and sustainable fishing methods and "Oliver's Pride" was born. We at TESS strive to ensure that "Oliver s Pride" lives on in each and every can.